e-broidery® illuminated textiles guarantee a charming day and night impression. The integrated electronics enable dim functions and animations. The LED-textiles are wash- and drapeable. Additionally remain the hanging characteristics and texture of the base fabric – be it finest voile or heavy dimout fabric.

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Next to standard products from the collection 2018, the illuminated textile can be configured from a predetermined fabric and embroidery selection. Customization based on individual customer requests is offered as well.

Illuminated textiles with preselected fabric, embroidery
design and light motif – including dim levels and case by
case animations.
Illuminated textiles are configured based on a prede –
termined fabric assortment and embroidery design.
Custom designed light motifs are possible.
Illuminated textiles are created and manufactured based
on individual customer requests.

All LED-textiles are made to measure.

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